A swirled and colorful dancer holds and indelibly inks
the forearm of the changed man – “Holy Christ” shouts
from his balcony window – and his smile shows the
color of his teeth while his hands slide back and forth
tracing the outlines of victory.

The room smells of spice and freshly poured beer and
the lingers are all gone. The drapes roll and part and
the night air thrills to take part breathing in what was
once disdainful to the changed man, who sits like a
king or an angel beaming.

And then the beckons beckon mountains to crumble in
sandboxes, rivers to trickle from faucets, and temptation
to knock like an ambassador at the door…and the haunts
and the familiar people who lived in them return to rile
and torture the changed man.



10 responses to “Changed…

  1. The Lingers… the Beckons… you paint a face on emotions nearly indescribable… absolutely brilliant. I’d kill (metaphorically, of course) to have your abilities. This just may be the most thought-provoking piece of yours that I’ve read to date. Thank you…

  2. Interesting what visuals came to mind reading your post.

    Robin of mytwoblessings

  3. Hi Poetman,
    Nice to see you here. I only discovered Sunday Scribblings a couple of weeks ago. It’s even inspired ME to write some poetry 🙂

  4. This is so courageous and surreal with such an interesting rhythm of nouns used as verbs in rapid succession. It makes me feel so boring in contrast.

  5. Bob – I don’t think that will be necessary – killing I mean, After your last piece I think its plain to see your own brilliant abilities…and thank you for the compliment…

    Robin – Hello and thank you for visiting and commenting and finding some merit in this piece…

    Anthony – Hello and how the hell’o are you? I’ll go check your piece out…Peace.

    TIV – You boring – please don’t kid yourself, you are about a million more interesting things but boring…and I predict that you are about to become even more interesting as you slim and trim your offerings…Be Well…

  6. Wow, now I wish I would have stayed with essay-type writing. I am embarassed by my juvenile stab at poetry after reading yours.

  7. Changed, but for how long?
    A well written, very visual piece.

  8. anguished……..strong images as always 🙂

  9. Thoughtful visuals. One can almost feel his thoughts and his change in expressions

    endless possibilities

  10. cricket – never be embarrassed – write and writ until it is right, and then stand by your right to be a writer…

    SWT – Thank You x 2 …be well…

    jo – Thank you…

    GT – Thank You…

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