The Poetman Award #2

poetman award

The Poetman award is prestigious and not funded by a major corporation!
It is the sole creation of Poetman and comes with no cash prize, incentives or vacations to the Rivera – It was created for writers who I admire or for bloggers who regularly take or have recently taken a big chance with their blogs or creativity.

Recently two blogs have impressed me deeply, and each for different reasons…

Advantages of mutual respect and fair play: For the last 4 months or so, Chris has written two different series of post. The first series had 13 installments and was about Hemingway. Here is where the chance came in…he continued the series for several months with almost no comments posted by his readers – he had a story to tell and by jove he told it, even though he got very little support…I like that, I want to learn something from that. The second series was about a childhood dog named Sam – its in 9 parts and it will make you cry..its got all the sad elements any good “Boy and his dog” story should have…He deserves to have it read…and you might want to go take a look at it…Well done Chris!

Tiny nothing of things: Beeskiffle writes these wonderful little poems. She has a way of making you hear her poetry by clumping words together and then forcing them to dangle at different angles…or she tips them off precipices…To my way of thinking she is taking chances with form, and style, and is also somewhat reinventing concrete in the process…she is also a contributor to The Orchid Room. Well Done Beeskiffle!

To each recipient of this award , if it pleases you go ahead and display your award on your side bar cuz its yours…

Previous Recipients of The Poetman Award
Gingatao: Matters of Little Consequence: Not Quite Right: Poefrika:

11 responses to “The Poetman Award #2

  1. Hear, hear! (He said, embarrassed by his failure to notice her before) Well deserved!

  2. Sorry, I hit enter before I was ready. I don’t know why, it just happens when you get old and stupid. Chris, I checked out your site and anyone who knows Papa that well deserves a lot of credit. Congratulations!

  3. a very worthy award — i loved his hemingway piece(s) as they’ve evolved, and his year-long devotion to it. he makes me lust to return to the keys to walk the walk.

    i’m still playing catch up on his latest, but kudos to you for drawing readers to one of my first and favorite bloggers. he’s all heart, true heart — he’s devoted, he’s well written, and he’s just a damned good man. i’d give him a few trophies and then some.

  4. Bob – Hello, she’s great I hope you like her writing as much as I…and Chris, well what can I say…

    Dame – Thank you – I hope he likes it…and I agree – for him its all heart…and then some…

  5. Ebby is a genius, the best poet I have ever read on the internet, in books, anywhere. Her poetry is alive completely original and perfectly timeless. For emotional energy and subtlety it is unmatched. It is impossible to deconstruct, containing as it does actual literal magic. Ebby is beyond compare and comparison and it is an honour and a priveledge to be able to see her work as it develops, as it is being written, now.

  6. I didn’t know any way of thanking you but here
    it all seems a bit undeserved, but thank you Poetman, for readingme and listening enough to hear the musicthreads
    and gingatao…..i would not be here without you

  7. gingatao – you are a master of the over and the under and a writer who calls it the way you see it…

    beeskiffle – I awarded you this – not because I think you are the best of the best but because I think that you take very interesting chances – cuz I like and appreciate the results of those chances and I think that your best is yet to come…as hopefully it is for all of us…Be Well…and by the way you do deserve it…for I do not idly give it away…

  8. I don’t know the first blog, and will check it out, but Ebby’s work is truly amazing…..magic indeed.

  9. hello poetman,

    forgive me, I was out of town at the time of your most generous award. I was not trying to be cheeky or aloof but only learned of it when I went to submit the conclusion to “My dog Sam” yesterday. I was in Canada on a borrowed computer and didn’t take the time to thank you then because of time constraints. I am home and would like to do so now.

    What a year we have had in the blogosphere… more and more people seem to be taking to this way of writing thereby adding credence to the form of communication we choose. Politicians, entertainers and business people have embraced this structure that was once scoffed at as being “secondary” or “infantile.”

    I, for one, liken it to casting messages into the sea of cyberspace in the bottle known as The Post. If found and returned, the circle is completed… the sentiments expressed and then acted upon, for better or worse.

    I have always loved writing, knowing that there is an audience out there that derives pleasure from my efforts is the greatest compliment offered and a rich reward.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    Advantages of Mutual Respect and Fair Play

  10. This is a great idea. I like the prize description too. The unpretentious poetry awards. Brilliant and very cool of you. Veronica

  11. Chris – I concur…mostly…Be Well.

    veronicaromm – Thank you…and hey, it’s not a meme – who would ever think of that…?

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