10 responses to “This is not another gumshoe mystery….

  1. haha, cool bananas, sounds like the world is a better place without him, the cool thing about your writing is how you reveal yourself when you describe others, it must have taken enormous confidence to describe someone like this behind their back, “I told you or maybe it was somebody else I told, I don’t remember exactly who…the man was a watering hole for other animals to wet the wit of their whiskers at…” doesn’t say much for the other animals either does it,
    great piece of writing but,

  2. Gingatao – Thanks for noticing how I reveal myself through my writing – I guess I am like anyone else who can be known by their actions…as for the animals, they can not be blamed for drinking, and they were not the focus of my attention…after all, they like all of us, go to a well thirsty…and it will only be later with sand in their mouths that they will realize that it has been at the trough of a mirage that they have been drinking…

    And as for the mirage maker – I am not without him, in fact I still like and respect him, and I wonder what he might do if ever I should find him, or he should emerge from that alley…


  3. monster of the hollow…and of the talk talk, and the long rambling critiques, and a walk at midnight drinking like a frog desperate for company…

    yes, we are very different in our styles, but there is always something in your work that gets me, just there, and becons me to come for another look. The extract above is incredible.

  4. Me I only drink at places that serve long cool g&ts with a twist 🙂

  5. I’ll try to be a bit more succinct in the future.

  6. those would be hard shoes to fill

  7. Great read my friend. The “drinking like a frog” bit I will agree is a beautiful use of language. I am like beeskiffle in that it makes me want to return to read more.

    Thank you…

  8. renaissanceguy

    Excellent. I’ve been swamped lately, but I can’t stay away for very long. I wish I had your creativiy. Is there some chance you can blow pixie dust on me or transplant some of your brain?

  9. beeskiffle – thanks for returning and for you compiments…

    Jo- – If I had a virtual G&T I serve you one right now…hopefully I have already served you the twist…be well…

    Bob – ? – believe me…you are plenty succinct already, anymore and I might miss your point 🙂

    amuirin – yeah, thats why I don’t try and wear them…then someone might sing the song “Don’t love you cuz your feets to big.”

    thepoetryman – thank you for your comments and your support and I would have taken you up on your invitation but it seems to require me to sign up with blogger and I already have to much to do…perhaps there is another way…If so, let me know…

    RG – I think I have expressed this sentiment about you before – I think that it is wonderful, exciting and strange that you (given your background) like and appreciate my poetry. Perhaps its a sign of a meeting place between the positions both of us have about life and politics and ….other things. Thanks for coming….By the way I must admit that I get a little pissy when visiting your site…but I guess thats my problem…Be Well RG, and see you downstream…

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