The grass is always greener…


In a desert along miles of fence a man tries
to find a gate out of loneliness, thinks some
where on the other side may be a lake to
swim in, or a tear to shed.

Thoughts like these keep the man looking
for a latch, some way through, but what
are hopes like these in the land of beauty
where water is mostly mirage.

As an after thought and because no gate
seems to exist, the man gets on his knees
and prays. He says, “God get me out of
this, and I wont ever be bad again.”

And because this man’s opinion of god
could paint metal with rust it begins to
rain on the other side of the fence – how
else do you think it got so green there?


4 responses to “The grass is always greener…

  1. Wow. I was just kind of reading this until the last stanza. You did a good job at tying it all together. I always enjoy a good sucker punch ending. Cool.

  2. So, the cliche is really true. And here I thought my parents were full of crap.

  3. Mad – Thats right and they were right about other things as well, but none of us realized that until we got much older…take me for instance, I am just realizing that I should have saved for a rainy day…

  4. krkbaker – hey i almost missed you…I am a bit tired…thanks…I wrote a series of poems about two years ago – I called them simple poems…this was one of them…sorry about socking you though…

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