What the F*ck is Polyamory…?


Statuesque, like a mimicked mantle dancer or a poor girl who was a flapper; its just after the last day of a scorecard scribble and your lover wants to sleep with another – not because you are not enough – but because he can’t be…

You jumped higher than you ever did, and ran even faster – dressed like a raven pecking candy at the stump crumple of misery – smiling, laughing, crying – briefly disarmed by the bastard and his charming irony…

You are higher then his lot, and not stupid – and still you fell to the floor like Magdalene washing the feet of an actor, even knowing that what hid under the robe of this man was a cross acting like a belief about freedom…


9 responses to “What the F*ck is Polyamory…?

  1. I was surprised they got back together, too.

  2. Mmm, a banquet for thought.

  3. oh, but poet … magdalene fell to the floor not in vain, but in forethought, faith and friendship. she was a mindful servant to her own undiscovered/rediscovered virtues; and never romanticized or rationalized the course of her necessary actions of ‘sin’ that brought her to her ultimate freedoms, understandings, loyalties and reconstructions.
    note* this was not a ‘religious’ or biblically inspired response

  4. Yea, what dame said… and then she and Jesus toured Europe.

  5. OK, so I got a little too big for my britches here…using Magdalene as a metaphor and all…

    This is a poem about a recent experience had by my grown daughter….and is not really a poem about a banquet or the wondrous Magdalene…or even if they (J+M) subsequently toured Europe for that matter…

    I probably should have made that more clear…oh well.

  6. Holy cow, man!

  7. oh Poetman, by banquet I meant far more than the usual food for thought.

  8. currerbell – holy moly! thats what I thunk…too.

    Jo – Thanks for the clarification…I’ll never accuse you of being someone who eats and runs…Peace…

  9. i am not offended at all only honored. thank you

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