A Soldier Responds


A soldiers response to 13 Questions to ask a soldier…


2 responses to “A Soldier Responds

  1. I have left my comment on the answer thread. Apologies, Poetman but my chain was yanked.

  2. Jo,

    You are awesome – you go, and tell it like it is for you…I will not find fault with that…and do not find fault with you…

    I am not going to moderate this post…I never meant to from the beginning. I asked the questions…and asked the questions only…

    I could be there forever moderating just this one guys comment…he is obviously young and full of superiority…and he spouts certainties with very little care for their details or consistencies…and my thinking is so be it…it is his opinion…whats also interesting is that in the 6 months or so since I posted this, he is the only soldier who has taken the time to answer the questions, and for that I thank him.

    I am most pleased that you did not censor yourself. Fire both barrels when ready…


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