Daily Thoughts


Because of applause and the attending to attention, what started as an original creative tension within myself, mal-formed to include the tension between me and an other – and to me there is no worse form of censorship…and to this I say – “NO LONGER!”




artwork by openDemocracy via flickr


9 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. You’re preaching to the choir, my brother. When creative tension morphs into my monster feeding on others, no clearcut road exists other than that the monster may choose to travel. So, pop a top, slip in a little Black Sabbath and enjoy the ride– it may be of short duration.

  2. i sense tensions embracing/acquainting objections.

    but i’ve had a lot of coffee today, so — yanno.

    peace, poet. peace.

  3. Well, I’m glad you put a stop to that!

  4. I did it too. Am doing, feel compelled. It changed me when I wanted it changed. I wish you a better fate than mine; a faster working-way back.

  5. Beautifully written… No longer indeed!

  6. Thank You Everyone…

  7. Applause there above, standing to attention now?, who is this mysterious other? creative tension, no longer? then what will become of you, what censorship, did i miss something?

  8. Gingatao –

    This post was pretty self explanatory at least to me…I was becoming obsessed with this blog – churning out a post a day…spending hours a day doing so…I was getting tiered…and I noticed that the numbers mattered too much – that I was visiting too many sites everyday and trying to make sure that I left a comment of support for their efforts…and I thought the only way to show support was to be positive…and I found that I had to censor myself to do that…and of this I grew fatigued enough to call it quits to that as a strategy…and I resolved to comment only when I was moved to comment…

    …as for the “other” it is a stand in word for the entire blogosphere…and no particular individual within it…

    Maybe thats what you missed…perhaps i was too cryptic…

    Be Well

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