I am you as you are me…


6 responses to “I am you as you are me…

  1. “…you naughty boy, you let your face grow long…”

    I was there when John and the boys sang it the first time and changed the world. Well, not ‘there’, really… but somewhere in a form capable of discerning its mystery, joy and command. In a way, I pity those too young to understand the revolutionary power they held and the change they imbued, it would be my most fervent wish that everyone could enter a time capsule and feel the 60’s.

  2. Thank you for this. They look so young and fresh! Babies. And their songs were not just music but beautiful poetry. I wish I was back there, only I’d miss my kids.

  3. love john lennon, love him

  4. I’ve always the Beatles music from this period would have been improved if they had taken more drugs.

  5. Yep, this was after they met Dylan and must have met Yogi sometime in this period. This was the b side to Hello Goodbye which pissed Lennon off. This song that John wrote while tripping, I remember helped fuel the speculation that Paul was dead…many liked this acid stage…I remember feeling empty, knowing it would soon be over—“the times were a changin”

  6. yellow matter custard, dripping from a dead dog’s eye.
    crabalocker fishwife, pornographic priestess,
    boy, you been a naughty girl and you let your knickers down..
    Semolina Pilchard, climbing up the Eiffel Tower.
    Elementary penguin singing Hare Krishna.
    man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe.

    yummm, logic. like warm, easy honey.

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