Did You Miss Me Adroitly Or What…?

I know I missed you…

did you miss me

Well I am back after a bad case
of a malware flu…too bad I will
never look the same as I did
before though…


8 responses to “Did You Miss Me Adroitly Or What…?

  1. Our psyche’s mirror portrays not only that which we see, but also that which we fear… a blessing for which we should truly be grateful, for it humbles us enough to grow.

  2. poseidonsmuse

    Your chains are beautiful, and your words were missed…

  3. You even handsomer than before. I missed you fumblefingeredly,

  4. Bob – Well I guess I am growing…into what I am not sure…but the good news is I am growing…or maybe I am just heading west…hmmmm?

    Jo – Sorry about that, but plastic surgery is expensive and of course there are the complications…

    poseidonsmuse – Why thank you for admiring my chains, is it the masculine gold one around my neck or the iron one around my ankle that has caught your fancy…?

    gingatao – So you like the new me…great…cuz I was a little worried…


  5. Welcome back. Its a love hate thinf this technology isn’t it. Glad you cured what ailed you. Veronica

  6. Glad to have you back. If my rattletrap of a machine catches the flu, too, I’ll know where to seek help.

  7. Those computer viruses have been morphing into flesh-eating bacteria. I’m glad you survived the bout.

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