The Virus Makers

These are the virus makers…
3 virus makers
having their fun…on the other hand I am still searching
through the x-rays trying to find their bum bug…


7 responses to “The Virus Makers

  1. Bastards! Don’t give up and remember to rest your brain frequently, enjoy your time away from people like me babbling away at you, sit of the front steps, have a cigar,

  2. ‘Fine’ photo, indeed… Moe, Larry & Curly Fine. Sorry to hear that you got hacked… I guess some people can only attack that which they are incapable of creating.

  3. Still down? Let’s hope you’re writing and will have a plethora of posts on your return.

  4. gingatao – I have and will rest my brain….but what will I do with my mornings…5am is just not the same without the box, the refrain and the cuplet of coffee…

    jo – thanks for visiting – still down, but not out…as for writing I have enough to rewrite this whole blog at lest one more time…thats an idea…start a new blog, hmmm, but what would I call it?

    Bob – I just love your comment 🙂 it made my day…

  5. Be sure to back up your files!

    Speaking from not-so-great experience 🙂

  6. ah, love cuplet of coffee, excellent

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