The Right Syrup…

cough syrup

Oh, its been fun and games at the Poetmans house – I have not posted for the last few days cuz my machine has got a cold, some might call it a flu, but in the tech world its known as a virus…it’s got my machine by the short hairs…ouch…I’ll be back though, just as soon as I find the right syrup…



6 responses to “The Right Syrup…

  1. Bastards!!! I know the feeling, I got one a month or so ago. It seems the bloggosphere requires extra super dooper protection, even when one is cautious about where one dips one’s browser. Hurry back. I miss you. It’s just not the same,

  2. But while you are away we can check out the older stuff. Most of your work is fully worth reading more than once. I really like this one..

  3. I concur, Poetman (at the cost of having you think me a spineless toady). I try to update my virus software daily, and even then I worry. Also I try to back up my writing files to external memory at least once a week. Some would equate this to heaping an unnecessary dung heap in my desk drawer, but so long as momma doesn’t complain about the stench, it’s okay. Hope you get it solved soon…

  4. my bro is an IT guru and he says Kaspersky (russian anti-viral) is the dogs bollocks, sorry, weird English phrase, signifiying the best, absolutely, nothing squeaks past it. Hope you’re all better soon……..

  5. I’ve found the perfect cure for a virus. One of my sons is an IT whizz kid, whereas I am not – not even a whizz-fogey. So when I started this game I had him find me 3 sets of reconditioned everything. So if there’s a problem I unplug and plug in the next.
    And carry on while I wait for whizz kid to come home.

  6. Thanks to all of you…I tried everything even Kasperky to no avail…The tech guy tried mightily for 4 hours and then he took my computer to his computer hospital…oh well.

    I do have a back up laptop and a fine desk top for my admin assistant, but I can’t stand the laptop and my admins computer is in another space – not my space and oh well…sigh its just not the same…

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