New at The Orchid Room

old orchid

Revenge…and a flight of fancy…

He left his house…and though it was raining like just before a tornado, and spikes of light particles were piercing the hearts of road ghost – his car found its way through the gloom and pale to the driveway of The Orchid Room. Alone in his car, he smoked another cigarette, and made a bet with the devil as to the precise time its ash would fall – it had extended itself like a precarious bit of gray flake at the edge of a quantum reason about love, and the reasons for loving – its falling was eminent – its precise time, unknown.


Image: Martin Johnson Heade


7 responses to “New at The Orchid Room

  1. That is a gorgeous painting. Who painted it? A kind if nieve fauvism reality, cool,

  2. Hey Paul – please see link above…Thanks

  3. With a tornado imminent yet. Nice. And the painting, I agree, is amazing.

  4. yes, an exquisite painting, just right for the piece.

  5. really enjoyed this

  6. TIV – luckily the tornado has passed leaving me more or less intact…how about you?
    I asked several times how long of a piece you wanted me to write about Hellinger – but no replay…hmmm 🙂

    Jo – It is stunning – my Angel has seen it in person…dang, she is awesome…

    amuirin – Thanks

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