Is Chaos King…?

Chaos King

What? Oh no, and oh yeah – this man walks into a bar; circumstantially there is evidence of a bribe, or a word against a word – children hanging strings from those words, and the old man watching them float by like balloons on a windy day…all culpable.

Yeah and blah blah, a woman showed a curve of skin – it was mid July, and a kid with plastic teeth was selling lemonade on career day – it was a big car I think, wild with tumult, turning right – that caused doves to collapse in their cages…or was it…?

Your ya ya’s, and a boat stowed with brown skin perplexions – strange beliefs hitchhiking – ghost and ghosts and a bagpiper bursting with laughter; the goat is already born isn’t it, and an oil man slips away to enjoy a wind and sun farm vacation…

My my, and oh shit, I’ll be damned and god damned – of course Adam ate the apple and was it ever tasty, and Eve became so much more desirable, smoother and rounder after her fall like a bomb from a cliff in paradise into the juice of longing.

Wanna wanna, and stripteased in beds of leather – spanking the peace makers, and acting in spaghetti westerns – in the high noon ally’s of your personal movie theaters – throwing up arms and throwing down promises, and waking up at noon or maybe later…

Toodle loo, and tweedle dum, three people rub shoulders in a tub, and a matchmaker calculates angles granting only two of them love. Remember the bird? Don’t act like you don’t know which bird; he pecks a poem at a keyboard until a songbird returns, if ever…


7 responses to “Is Chaos King…?

  1. how bizarre, I just wrote about strings and balloons too……must be all that synchronicity Paul talks about. I love this, reading it is a wild ride through images, feelings, memories (of mine), well done.

  2. Perfect. That is truely beautiful piece of writing in that ut articulates an aesthetic while demonstrating it. It operates on a unique system of symbols which are carefully interwoven to suggest grander themes conjured from details. It is writing as a feat of suggestion, a kind of literal magic, Very Poetman, I say, a unique voice,

  3. hello poetman,

    like a lifetime of short changed alphabets… long time, no C

    hope all is well with you this new year

    enjoyed your collage of images and emotions…


  4. gingatao says it all in one word… perfect. One of your best, in my opinion.

  5. Love your work. this is a new favorite. I added you to my blogroll so I will be

  6. Jo – synchronized string symphonies singing stanzas of simplicity…

    gingatao – very Tao of you to say so…Thanks

    chrisfiore – I hate to admit it but I found it hard to read your story about Hem…I see you have resumed regular programming…I like your site and its honesty…any one reading this comment should go see this guys site …but hey, don’t be gone too long…

    Bob – Thanks for coming and supporting me. I do appreciate that…I see I went over like a lead balloon on your site though…oh well…how come I wonder…?

    veronicaromm – Thank you for adding my site to your blogroll – she has lots of interesting poetry and links to other poets…she is also new to wordpress – now is her time to experience your support…and later too.

  7. Poetman, I shouldn’t worry about one opinion, were I you… you have far bigger fish to fry. The briefest and most cursory scan of your other comments proves it, too.

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