a sleepy old year goes to bed for a million years.

king and queen

Image by permission: Georgy Kurasov


I wake an army of sleep walkers, and tattoo them to my legs, and run towards dreams and a night with you – my petal pillow of few but enlightened words.

Footfall and then run run, and lighter and lighter until aloft, I fly to the lips of your most lovely and transcending smile, emboldened like a Percival.

And there in your arms we laughed and threw stones at the gray house of the old man and watched him shave his beard and his toes freeze in the cold.


Tonight I bought you flowers and a heart shaped box of candies and we were like gluttons on fire, shooting sparks and tossing confetti because a new year had come…

The tower and the little boat in the moat, and the snow man melting because of “because” and with a laugh laugh and mouths full of fun, we ate and dined on an old year.

We were wasted on sleepy night time – drowsy on dreamy kisses and the slow slide of sense and intense lovemaking – I a jester and you a queen.


7 responses to “a sleepy old year goes to bed for a million years.

  1. This is a work of genius! Amazing and a beautifully profound construction!

  2. Sumedh – please don’t make me blush…ah, praise for a poem well done…I mean what is better than that…Thanks…

  3. Lovely piece. Celebratory and melancholy all at once.

  4. A whole myriad of images tied together with love. Mind whirling.

  5. If blushing is the only side-product of supporting and furthermore provoking great works from great people, like you and Paul, then so be it! 😉

  6. ybonesy – thank you for the comment,, the visit, and your celebration of poetry…

    Narnie – it is isn’t it – all tied together with love…it’s what we all do even in failure…love or try to love or want love or say that we will never have it…Thanks for coming…

    Sumedh – for you I will wear blush…thanks.

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