Poet Impersonates Monk on Fire…New’s at 11:00…

monk on fire

I am on fire in a world – my world that is burning – I am up at 5:00am every glass eyed morning and writing – and I wish there was a fluid that would cool me while I yearn – that there was a better way to stutter that, “I write instead of crying…”



8 responses to “Poet Impersonates Monk on Fire…New’s at 11:00…

  1. At the risk of being called a heartless wretch, I choose to reserve my tears for victims rather than perpetrators. And while it’s sad that someone becomes so despondent, so totally devoid of hope that he’d immerse himself with gasoline and light it as a protest statement, I can’t conceive of him as a victim. He made a choice. If you must burn for humanity, then perhaps we’re not worth it.

  2. how about me Bob…I meant myself impersonating a monk and burning for that which beats in my poet heart…This post was also meant as a sort of response to Jo, who commented recently, “Wow, you really are on fire lately, aren’t you? Such passion, wonderful.” This post was just a way of adding some context…my closest and dearest companion, my partner and passion, has had someone very close to her pass and her grief permeates the air around me…and so I write…

  3. Poetman
    “I write instead of crying.”
    Great line! There were some good poets that wrote because they had to–not because they liked to–one was Bukowski. That line reminded me of what was said about him.

  4. I meant no offense to you at all. ‘Burning’, poetically speaking, can be either wonderful or tragic. I’d never be critical of writing about it (or practically anything else). Maybe I’m just too literal when confronted with photos. I’m sorry…

  5. Bob – it’s all good…no offense taken…just wanted to give you some context, thats all…be well, and thanks…

  6. Ah, I write instead of crying, yes…….and the flames flicker.

  7. Great Scot in the morning! er, sorry, I have always wanted to write that…please excuse me…thanks for coming and commenting on my goings on…hey do you have a blog…just curious…no link and all?

    Do I write cuz I have too, want too or because I have nothing better to do at 5:00am…? I am not sure…I guess I write with tears…of joy and yearning…

  8. poetman
    I had thought you were on it once–maybe not—here’s the link

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