Daily Thoughts

When it comes to how to play the game my mind
seems to be full of moves…but where to go and


what to do when I get there…that is what is


7 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. Me, too. My husband is picking my son up from the airport this very minute back from a college chess conference. He is going to just LOVE this post!

  2. TIV – Ask him for me…I mean about my next move…It’s all good..

    Thanks for coming…by the way did you ever check out Hellinger…Here is a little secret. – don’t tell anyone…I have taken a 4 month course in how to do constellations…ssshhh, mums the word…

    oh, by the way ask you son about Fools Mate – I think it might be my best shot of winning the above game…your move…

  3. Well, the next move is obvious as the horsies bedecking his cranial circumference… knight to queen’s navel three!

  4. Yes, I checked out Hellinger and I’d like you to do a teeny weeny post on the constellations for my map blog, if it’s not too much trouble. And I asked about Fools Mate “The quickest way to a checkmate but the moves are completely irrational.”

  5. Hmmmm but if life is a game of chess then you have to always be a few moves ahead in your mind and that is what I’m useless at. I suppose the problem – always – is that every move is somehow affected by others hands. Oh well… keeps life interesting I suppose. Fabulous photo and fabulous to have someone think out loud one of those little thoughts that wibble occasionally.

  6. BOB – and at the navels edge the knight plunges in and then the balance of power shifts and the white queen says off with her head…go ask Alice I think she’ll know…

    TIV – as is the game – yet we still play – cuz what are we to do…? Thanks for your request about Hellinger…how many words and when…?

    Narnie – I am at useless at chess and as for thinking a few moves ahead – well I do it all the time…and when I get there I give myself permission to change my mind…

    amuirin – Thanks

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