It is early enough to listen to Callas – to her sultry breast breath, to the voice of her expressive and seductive heart suggesting no hesitation.

Hail the violin of early morning and the vestigial remorse from a night just past. Do not hurry, be unafraid, polish your pistol and go and meet your enemy.

Let yourself complicate simple things and construct insults from comments and prepare your nerves to pace 20 steps across the frozen and guilty grass.

Go, and aim and be aimed at, like an animal too busy with pride to realize that friends are the first to be forgiven, for their failures and inconsistencies.

All by the snake river prairie, near the the tree of impatiences, under a moon that lingers from the curiosity that all witnesses display for contradictions.


11 responses to “5:am

  1. Grand, a florid gesture in the dawn,

  2. I love the fourth little paragraph, stanza, the comparison of the animal.
    Nice work.

  3. Ah, the tree of impatiences… how many times have I leaned against that sucker? Honestly, I thought I was the only one who knew of its existence.

    “…of early morning and the vestigial remorse of a night just past.” How good is that? The perfect adjective in the perfect setting. Just perfect…

  4. Wow, you really are on fire lately, aren’t you? Such passion, wonderful. (and love the description of Callas)……

  5. ginga tao – um, I figured it was better to write about a duel, than to walk 20 pace and find one…they are giving them away on almost every street corner you know…

    krkbaker – I agree completely…I work on this everyday…oh, maybe not on Weds. – thats the day I just try and be myself…

    Bob – Thank you for your comments…and encouragement…

    jo – Thanks…got a match…

  6. They say she had a mouth like a cathedral πŸ™‚

  7. Also, this is almost exactly describes how defensive and petty a person I am. It’s a terrible way to be.

  8. What a powerful powerful post. You can hear the heartbeat increasing with anticipation. Fantastic stuff.

  9. Powerful, yes.

    Sometimes it’s so intriguing to wonder who you’re talking to, or what these words are about at core, but they’re amazing without the answers.

    Direct to the heart, like a bullet.

  10. Hamilton and Burr on the surface

    somebody and somebody underneath.

  11. PN – a mouth like a cathedral…mmmm- Heres a church, heres the steeple, open the doors, and see all the people – swooning for Callas…(pity petty peggy, and watch her go crazy or pen a poem for peggy and watch her open like a daisy)

    Narnie – as if in a trance…the heart has to dance…or the mind will walk a body to a field with a pistol…

    Amuririn – If i told you who I was writing about – why they’d kill me. so I can’t πŸ™‚
    “somebody and somebody underneath”…love this…a lot. Thanks

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