wrinkled man

a wrinkle

he was the second man – a left behind
curve that was turning – a fault that was
burning – a free fall of the fallen – a make
believe gift unopened – a break and a
schism – collapsing and relapsing – a vacation
of and away from a love that was departing –
an addition of the taken – a worry hurry and a
scurry – movement in and anger out –
breathing simple words left unspoken…


8 responses to “wrinkled man

  1. This is like a tiny droplet that is running down and around his wrinkles. The speed and varying little stories are just perfect.

  2. yes, you have captured the rhythm of his skin, great.

  3. How my mother would be in her element to draw his face…..

  4. Narnie – it was raining and hence the droplets…

    jo – it is like a tribe of drummers – isn’t it…?

    Cheles – Thanks for the visit…was you mother an artist…she would have a field day shading the canyons of this face…

  5. renaissanceguy

    Fantastic. I love the internal rhymes. They fit so well with the rhythm.

  6. RG – Thanks and double thanks and and drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain…

  7. This one stopped me in my tracks. Amazing rhythm. A “left behind curve that was turning.” And all those lovely word sounds turning into the next sound. This poem also gives me many stories about the man. Beautiful!!

  8. Thank You…this picture – its face – seemed to need a poem…Thanks

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