The Orchid Room – after effects…

haw orchid

11:00pm – Impatient fingers tap invisible scales on a chrome table in the dining room – smoke drifts like a druid in and out of time – a man checks and rechecks his watch – powder is being softened into skin, ten minutes away… (read more…)

(The Orchid Room)

9 responses to “The Orchid Room – after effects…

  1. that picture really goes with the place, based on a couple of visits.

    It’s just a little more exotic than Sam’s in Casablanca, y’know?

  2. Ah, yes… the accursed Morrison-Huxley Effect… Zounds! I hate it when that happens!

  3. amuirin – cuz frankly…we give a different and more eclectic damn…

    Bob – I am confused…Paul give a hand…it is strange that the only info I can find on the net about the Morrison-Huxley Effect is on gingatao…so what is the Morrison-Huxley Effect…dang I hate being ignorant…Now back to you Bob – are you, or are you not the man in the story…think carefully and remember there might have been a certain camera…following you…but I don’t want to make you paranoid… 🙂

  4. Oh, my lord God Jehovah as fervently represented by the baby Jesus Mohammed Lao-Tze!~ That was you? I thought for a minute there that my Morrison-Huxley Frigidare had developed some sort of freq interpolation, causing it to de-ionize. Whew!

    Nope… it’s not me. Couldn’t be, I wouldn’t be caught dead in San Franciso– let alone own a piano.

  5. *reading this thread, amused*

    (I don’t know Bob from Adam, but he sounds like he’d be fun at parties)

  6. amuirin, were I you (which, for all anyone knows, I may actually be, but I won’t belabor the point in this forum) I wouldn’t be fooled by Bob’s not-so-subtle attempts at drollery (is there really such a word? Well, if not, there should be, so rather than actually check my thesaurus, I’ll assume there is), I can assure you that he’s really quite dull. Besides, I’m having him sent to prison, so it’s not an eventuality that you’ll ever have to suffer.

  7. I’ll give you five bucks and some crystallized ice-cream if you’ll hold off on the prison thing till I have reasonable opportunity to draw my own conclusions.

  8. Okay, sold! But, I warn you, if the check doesn’t clear, I’ll be forced to… I’ll be forced to… well, it won’t be pretty, that’s all I’m saying! Whiskey and fresh horses for my men!

  9. I love it when people talk…but if money is going to change hands – all I ask is please remember the house…

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