Daily Thoughts


Pogo on the go go – What is better than a child who wants to fly…?


8 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. Easy one.

    A monkey on a bicycle.

  2. Oh, I dunno… a child who wants A fly, perhaps? No… on second thought, probably not. Never mind.

    Forget I brought it up.


  3. I wonder where the wonder is…I wonder if you can wonder to?

  4. Anthony – but of course…and where can I take a course in how to fly…even if I am an old man…?

  5. renaissanceguy

    You make me think of my son. He was visiting some friends and reported to us how impressed they were at how high and how far he could jump on their scooter.

  6. I think maybe just as good is a grown-up(!) who wants to fly… maybe not better but just as good.

  7. RG – There is nothing more important to a child then to be seen, and your son will remember being seen forever by you for all his days…

    Narnie – I have looked for wings in every store lining the boulevard to heaven, and it seems that angels, even in hard times never pawn their wings, or trade them in for new ones, so I content myself with writing words which sometimes fly of the page…thanks…

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