Today, I feel uninspired and wish I could drift
away to dream, and take a pleasant trip
from my present dreary – to a den
of opium surreality. My king
dom for a cake of dream
wander; a one wish
come true pace
change of
then I
would slide
down an even
steeper hill and find
my self wandering speech
less in an aimless and pointless
valley down below the sight line of
the paradise lost and never regained by Milton


6 responses to “opium

  1. Yayay! A poem from the poetman (it’s been a while) but it was worth the wait. Lovely slide down the second half with the structure emphasising the slow dissolution. And again your eye for the illustrations is brilliant. Cool, like a trombone solo somehow,

  2. Could it be that there is something worthwhile to see below Milton’s sight line of Paradise lost? The view enhanced, possibly you might find the Not Quite Nirvana of pleasure minus pain and not want to find Paradise?

  3. I’m not usually a fan of concrete poetry (ooops, ducking) but I have to say that this works very well, perfectly conveying the downfall and really adding to the poem.

  4. Dang and Yikes!!! I am behind on my comments…p.s – sorry bout that.

    ginga tao – when going towards home plate or wanting “to go home” sliding is sometimes necessary (betwixt and between two evils) or one can take up the trombone…

    Bob – I figure if a great guy like Milton can misplace paradise, I am in trouble as a lesser man… 🙂

    Jo – I can’t stand concrete poetry…this is why my alter ego writes them…I will let him know that you liked it though…

    Thanks to comments like those of the above, I have the strength and vigor to continue to search and hopefully one day find a paradise to my liking…

  5. poetman
    I like the way this one flows. I think in this case the form helped. The last two lines make it pop.

  6. Thank you …and ommmmm, like a river that flows somewhere in the mid-west…

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