Daily Thoughts

If I could find a secret pill that would make it so I did not blame anyone for how I feel, would I take it…?


Would you?

Image from: Agence eureka

7 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. better yet, would you be so good as to share it?

  2. Better take it while you can… the drug companies will have it banned as soon as possible; without complaints, whatever would they sell?

  3. is it available on the NHS?

  4. There is no pill but there is a tonic available that may accomplish just that. And it is freely given. Anyways, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Poetman. Here’s a tip of the egg nog to another fun and informative year on this webby-thing.

  5. Dame – my kingdom for a so savvy salve or a bomb of balm…

    Bob – Their secret is to let you think that theirs is the secret pill…and then to charge dearly for sugared placebos…

    Narnie – NHS = No Help Sedatives…

    Christian – It is always a delight to see you here…it is rare…I wonder how come…perhaps you are like me, in that I admire you and your site, but find I have very little to share there…and if the tonic begins with “B” then I will have to decline, although I know many have found medicine there…

  6. Thanks, Poet. I like to read but find that I do not comment much. Be thankful. 😉

    But no, it does not begin with “B” (what is that, btw?) I was thinking of something that begins with G – ‘grace’. Which I believe you have tapped into already.

  7. Now I am laughing – grace (indeed) how wonderful, and if I have a smidgen of that – well it is because of special people such as yourself…Thanks…

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