What do you want from life?

Or a Christmas list from the tubes…circa 1977

This is for the benefit of amuirin at stop and wander


7 responses to “What do you want from life?

  1. Undoubtedly, the longest “M” alliteration in history… the only one they forgot was ‘more’.

  2. magnificent musings from miscreants… making merry.

  3. *SIGH* Okay… they only forgot six (malevolent motherhumpers that they are).

  4. Well you can’t have that!

    Many good memories listening to this again, thanks. (Good job on the video, too.)

  5. ombudsben – Thanks for coming and if you could have that – what good thing would come to you…?

  6. *grins* everytime I go to listen to this, I get called away and don’t make it through. This must be connected to the mystic Beth?

  7. OMmmmm – OMmmmm – OMmmmm – Beth is connected to everything… 🙂

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