3 Big Chiefs

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Bob Church at Not quite Right – I don’t know how it is that I have not found this guy until now. After all I am an old blogger (4.5 months has made me old) and I have scoured the net looking for sites that are well written. And then I find this guy…and now you can too.

What you will find here: A mind full of thoughtful rants on many subjects, especially those that involve his own singularly unique perspectives. There is lots of space around his words which makes them so much easier to read…oh and I almost forgot to mention, he’s funny – very funny, but not in a man walks into a bar kind of way…

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Paul Sunstone at Philos Cafe – No, this is not a picture of Paul smoking an elicit substance. It is more a picture of him sharing thoughts with his community of fellow bloggers. His posts are a bit all over the map when it comes to subject matter, which makes for surprising and interesting writing. Like everyday.

What you will find here: Humor, perspectives about the human condition, links to others and Manners, the guys got manners…

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Trinifar, States that “I try to write without reference to my gender, age, social status, and other personal attributes that don’t bear on the content…” But man or woman and I suspect the former this person is a chief…

What you will find here are clearly written easy to understand summaries about some very complicate political and social issues. Modernity and its assumptions are this sites daily bread…

Images from: Agence eureka

4 responses to “3 Big Chiefs

  1. Poetman, I feel you have done me a huge honor. And that, despite the fact my own poetry is so artless. Thank you so much!

  2. In my sixty years spent selfishly depleting the valuable oxygen supply on our shared planetary realm, I’ve seldom read nicer words offered on my behalf, and I thank you for them.

  3. And I’m delighted to be referenced in the same past as Bob and Paul! I like the imagery too. My grandfather also said our high cheekbones come from Native American blood.

  4. Paul – It was not for your poetry that I wrote about your site…it was because of everything else… 🙂

    Bob – You are more than welcome and if I thought that your life had been spent in entirely selfish pursuits I don’t think I would have noticed your humanity…at all.

    Trinifar – I don’t know how, but somehow, I knew that…

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