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A witness is a sentinel who watches what comes and what goes – who ask only of the traveler what is the poetry of your mothers tongue and what wall does your fathers fist beat against and then dutifully records it all in a special book of nonsensical and illogical answers, never judging the stride of the travelers obligations…


6 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. Wow! I haven’t seen what you’ve been up to for a while. This link actually came up as an ad in my gmail account. Those usually annoy me, but it’s cool to see someone I know. You must be really serious about getting readers to advertise. Look forward to looking through the site.

    -Nina Alvarez

  2. Hello Nina,

    Thanks for the visit…hey where the heck ya been anyways…I set up google adwords to drive traffic to my blog when I first started, and I can say that at least for poetry it is a complete bust…thanks for reminding me that it is still up and running…I’ll stop it in a day or two…

    For all those who have not been to Nina’s blog, your missing something good…

  3. I think few understand the power of the witness, not understanding that the history “in a special book of nonsensical and illogical answers” can be damning evidence as well as saving grace, and that “never judging the stride of the travelers obligations” is a special skill on the path to, for lack of a better word, freedom.

    In fact, hardly anyone knows that we all are witnesses just like this — whether or not we are aware of it.

    [Pardon me. As much as I wish to be an intelligent, informed critic of poetry (and the other arts), I lack that skill (or training?). But many thanks for offering up your work in a forum like this.]

  4. Thanks for your insight…I feel you got the gist of my reflection very nicely…thanks for coming….

  5. this sings

  6. Thank You Jo…I practiced for quite awhile in the shower…mi mi mi mi mi…

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