Doomed = to do…

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Doomed = to do…

Might – that’s the holy word before all great deeds and maybe a crazy simple minded man with attack pangs of lucidity can stand, fall, and get up; overjoyed to dance again. Trade wind carry me – bird wing fly to me – virgin girl remember me; I am yours – understanding the language of love and the illustrious incantations of your voices imagination – all my memories are reverberations of your nuance; I am the bear sleeping, the bear waking, the bear hungry, the bear eating…

Is it necessary to do anything more with the everything that is already occurring? Day by day, sensuously in my body, touched by and touching the hands of others – my only worth, the pursuit of life as poetry and no single endeavor. I am not waiting for a cessation of any feeling – for no great peace. I have no ambition to be a bliss man hanging around until a transformative death by transcendence…

Climb I say, expand; stretch – fall again and laugh heartily. Make mistakes; tell everyone you are a failure of perfection. Gather with your cohorts of doom – doomed to do – doomed to worry – doomed to perspire. So what! Is it not the way of life to cascade first down one hill and then to prepare yourself to climb another? Go toil now, but with luminescences…

Mommy mommy hold me – Daddy daddy scold me; adversity teach and reteach me – burn me with learning – split me open with a thousand brilliant ramifications – bring me new understandings. I cannot be other than a student in my own personal tragedy; an advocate for reconciliation between the extremes in me. So I make love with you my Angel, and exalt in your arms – and I do this freely, without a fear of its consequence…

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(Image from Agence eureka archive)

4 responses to “Doomed = to do…

  1. Yes,

    for a moment there, I did hear Whitman sit up and sing.

  2. amurin – that is high compliment indeed…

  3. I said on my blog just be+

  4. Michael – Thank you I just might do that…be, I mean.

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