New Clothes

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When you admit to having failed as a stardust particle or a twinkle in your mother’s eye; you may say to a friend: “If she had seen that darkness co-existed with love in my heart I might shine today…”

If there had been a place for secrets, for the creativity of passion – for anger – would you continue to prove anything to anybody, and could you then rest on a porch in new clothes daydreaming?

Was it the terror of standing naked and alone that stole the security of your ideals and stained you dirty – that dragged you into a square, and encouraged others to throw fear stones at the beauty of your body?

(Image from Agence eureka archive)

2 responses to “New Clothes

  1. I love the phrase “fear stones” and I love this old paper doll as an illustration for the words. They play off each other nicely. I adored paper dolls as a girl and drew them tons of extra clothes and also lived with the darkness behind the lightness of my life as a kid. Very evocative.

  2. TIV – I have to say that your post that contained a bit about shame informed the above piece in some small way…and just now, I can’t say how…kind of in the ether somehow…

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