Oh where o’ where has the Dame Girl gone…?

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Calling all cars…


9 responses to “Oh where o’ where has the Dame Girl gone…?

  1. I emailed her yesterday but no response yet… the good news is her blog has only been taken Private, not deleted. I’ll keep emailing…

  2. Hey, I got your message too…I just commented back so keep me posted if you hear anything…


  3. maybe she is sleeping…I dunno…

    Thanks for the response…

  4. She could be sleeping. She could be having tech problems. I’m posting on it too.

  5. I emailed too. Politely and with care? I hope I didn’t offend…?


  6. krkbaker – thanks and how about that meme..

    PA – Thanks…how nice of you to try…as for me bugger x 2


  7. She’s taking some time off to deal with a few issues. Her blog is back up, but the comment moderation is on to prevent Spammers and Trolls, but if you leave a comment on her latest post she’ll be able to read it when she’s able… I was thinking maybe offering her a couple of YouTube’s every once in a while might be a good way to keep her spirits up…

  8. Thank you Gabriel…its mighty fine hearing this…take care…

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