The Orchid Room

The Beauty and the Beast dance nightly in The Orchid Room
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OK, so it ain’t the classiest dive in town, and yes the drinks are sometimes watered down, and there is no real view from the table that Bruno the bouncer gave you. But where else are you going to find:

Gingatao and his famous “Drinking Piano”
Jo “The Stunning Chanteuse” do the Mosey
Poetman stuttering he is “1poet4man”
Mimi hypnotize you wearing a crimson dress.
Mark spin and herd words into tales
Angelheaded Hipster wax poetic about mystery
Ebby the “tiny nothing of things” making the world

Location: A secret hidden alley in Australia
Hours of operation: Whenever
Tonight’s entertainment: TBA

Now go and bring money…lots of money…cuz there ain’t no credit given at The Orchid Room

Image from: widelec


3 responses to “The Orchid Room

  1. looks kinda interesting

  2. Cool, I’ll be there, wait a minute, that’s me, I already was or am. I think you’ll find that Bruno got the sack for excessive bounciness, the new bouncer is the huge silent Maori called Mamu. Never have so many hopeless males been graced by the presence of so many beautiful women as at the Orchid Room.

  3. renaissanceguy

    Count me in. I like parties.

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