Daily Thoughts

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No matter your resolve – your world and your imagination can be shattered…ask the man with the glasses.


7 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. Geez, that would suck. My goodness. That image may haunt the rest of my day.

  2. hey,
    what happened to dame wiggins of lee?
    it says the blog was deleted.

    do you know anything?

  3. I wish that I did…but alas I do not…I plan to do a little post about it, now maybe soooner than later…

    That piece you did about the ghost gave me chills…seriously.

  4. The fella in front of the copper sure looks familiar, the moustached guy looking on.

    The glasses guy doesn’t look terrorized or shattered yet, with his eyes closed and his face open, it almost look like he shattered the glasses themselves, with the force of an idea, especially with the shrapnel going out from the face.

    Not…that I imagine… that’s what happened.

  5. amuirin – it is a curious photo isn’t it…there is a certain placidity to the glasses guy…almost like the internal shatter is yet to come…

    As interested as I am in the glasses guy, I am also very interested in the copper – I mean that face, the swoosh of the club, the conviction of its determination…

  6. 1poet- it is a strange thing to think about, and it almost feels dangerous. I can’t imagine being able to relate to that consciousness that could be so intent on its own authority as to follow through by inflicting harm.

    But what if I could relate to it? That would be a frightening thing to discover. Sometimes I wonder what I would have done had I been an upstanding, prosperous citizen who met all the acceptable guidelines in Nazi Germany. I want to believe I would have fought against the powers of oppression, and not remained content to ‘go along’ in comfort and not rock the boat, but the idea torments me.

  7. amuirin – I am sorry that I never responded to your comment…It was so very thought provoking and at the time of my reading it, I had little time to respond to it in a way that would honor its big question -“But what if I could relate to it?” (I thought, maybe I should do a post about this…and maybe I will…Thanks

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