Woman in a Bubble

Image by permission: Georgy Kurasov
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Is it complicated; seeing, wanting, and denying everything…? A cat at a window purrs and a lawn outside has a sprinkler spinning round and round – a loved one is shopping – talking to a clerk saying: “She is fine alone and cozy in her bubble.”

Woozy pitter patter and drone explain your decision to stay at home, watching the cat bathe for what must be the 29th time, and if only it would rain inside today – if a man striding a horse would arrive making a startling proposal…

How does a juxtaposition become aware of its inability to stretch like the cat before a long nap – the mans letter is like a pleasant urging, and so she sends him seeking a golden needle, wondering – if it will ever be sharp enough to pierce her.


3 responses to “Woman in a Bubble

  1. I love this tiny story and your choice of art. I used one of your artists, Mel Kadel, on my post today but credited you for the discovery. Excellent, quirky art taste.

  2. TIV – thanks – I saw your post…I’ll be there some time soon…I thought it very interesting…


  3. Amazing painting…….how your words and it sang to me, made me sad.

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