Brooklyn Boy…

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Brooklyn boy: once upon a time special child – an angel of momma – a future statue of anger, and a hope against father. Gunslinger – one day growing up and surrounding him self with paranoia and doomsday all around and all fall down.

Brooklyn boy: once upon a time innocent, and once upon a time sidekick to a sister who grew too fast, after being thought of as a pleasure center of an older mans urgings – and then a handsome gangster on a corner crooning a capella arias.

Brooklyn boy: once upon a time 10:38 am Christmas morning, neighbor kids are playing in different photos – smiling smiles of shiny ambitions, and 40 years later wondering whatever happen to the lonely boy next door who liked guns…?


4 responses to “Brooklyn Boy…

  1. hard to touch this one after Omaha.

    Weird how fear breeds violence, and violence makes people afraid to speak.

  2. amuirin – It is tragically ironic – this poem…coming as it did…but it was written for another, who never acted so violently…and is dying of cancer almost forgotten…


  3. It’s really thought provoking. Really touching.
    It’s so true – the love deserved, and not given to a child – metamorphoses into the love he cannot understand – and hence only emit fear and violence.

    My wishes go out for the other, dying of cancer. I hate cancer.

  4. narziss – thank you for the heartfulness of your response…

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