Daily Thoughts

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When a person; any person, can sit on the firmness of their understandings and say “I don’t know, I may be wrong…” Then that person can gain access to the choice points of the “Everything.”


5 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. That took so many years for me to learn. I tried to teach it to my children early.

  2. additionally, this open-minded attitude dispels the need for trousers.

  3. hmmm so maybe that is what my problem is 🙂
    i do that with everything….

  4. I say that about most things, but I don’t think anyone believes me. 🙂

  5. TIV – It’s a daily practice…sometimes my understanding muscles tire and I revert to a, all knowingness…which usually gets me in some sort of trouble…

    amurin – I agree, but does that mean I have to go pantless…instead of clueless?

    krbaker – It’s a tough thing – to have an open mind to…options.

    Anthony – Why, why…thats unbelievable…

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