Daily Thoughts

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Here is an easy chart to measure the exact dimension of the last foot you put into your mouth.

Is it true that the older you get the less you put your foot in your mouth or do we as we age never really remove the foot entirely?


7 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. Hi Poetman,
    I don’t think we ever change this habit. But with age we tend to enjoy it more 🙂

  2. Anthony – Thank you – and your observation is the reason I clean my feet daily… 😉

  3. just one foot?

    i’ve had entire dance companies doing the charleston in my mouth.

    (hence, i type lots, speak less.)

  4. Funny post. Great illustration. My first visit. Hi!

  5. *tries to locate the blurt chakra and the awkward node*

  6. Dame – As long as none of them says that their putting their foot down cuz the dancing has got to stop…This would be known as the day that Dames jaw dropped…

    TIV – Thanks for your visit…

    amurin – I like that you know the foot so well…but I am to polite to ask how…(“the blurt chakra” I liked that very much)

  7. Amuirin is such a chuckler. That is a beautiful comment. I have found as I get older I get lazier so I just leave my foot in there rather than take it out and stick it in again. I have learned to burble nonsense around it. Amuirin is sad now which is sad. You are grumpy which is sad too. Oh well,

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