Tagged again and I stir like a Soul Man

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I have been tagged by the “Damster“. The tag is for me to state “What Music Inspires You to Write?”

Here are a few hints:

Some times I am angry:

Sometimes I am sweet and…?

Any one who has read this blog knows that I am a confirmed and happy agnostic, but a song that will evoke all the hopes and longings of my childhood – a song that will make me remember that I knew love and experienced love even amidst the terrible turbulence of my childhood is “The Little Drummer Boy” and now you know what a sentimental man I truly am…

Thanks Dame, and now I go too dry my tears…

and lest Dame think I have never posted a you tube video, go into my archive and there you will find…


5 responses to “Tagged again and I stir like a Soul Man

  1. Eclectic and revelatory. Well done. Go Iggy!

  2. renaissanceguy

    Wow! You have eclectic taste. Good for you.

    I love that rendition of the little drummer boy. Thanks for posting it.

  3. I loved this, Poetman. There’s something about peeking into people’s cd cabinets, I dunno what it is. That Apocalyptica tune — awesome. I’m throwing that on a cd for the next time I run away on a long road trip.

    Thanks for playing, sir. Fun stuff. And yes, I had forgotten about your former youtube. Silly me.

    p.s. love the dame wonder’s pic. i stole it when you weren’t looking. 😉

  4. RG – The drummer boy is unbeatable…and you wouldn’t expect anything less of me than eclectic would you… 🙂

  5. gingatao – Dude, whats up? Is your piano tuned? Or do you play a farfisa…come on you know what a farfisa is…and don’t deny it…

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