Dear Angel

029_southern_gothicTITLE: Maggie Taylor – invitation

Dear Angel,

It has been hard for you lately – the past – the way it wants
to tear you in two, starting with your beautiful hands on top
of you head and then that pressure pinching between index
finger and thumb pulling at your hopefulness. You asked
about hope and here is my somewhat clinical answer…

The structure of hope is such that it keeps one yearning for
the “never was,” for the “someday maybe,” for the “if only’s”
and it bitterly blinds you to the “what is…”

“What is,” whatever that “is” for you – the moment that you
are standing in, is the most powerful place you can occupy,
for it contains the power of “all time” and it is there that you
can access and effect all of your resourcefulness.

Here is my heartfelt answer…

Notice that you are not alone, that I am here, that you have
friends whose thoughts warm when thinking about you. You
are doing a great thing right now, a courageous and loving
thing, and you are giving a man who is dying the greatest of
all gifts – and that gift is the sight of you as his loyal and
faithful friend witnessing him…and if their is a place for hope
let us hope that he understands this “is” before his passing…



2 responses to “Dear Angel

  1. renaissanceguy

    Ironically, your beautiful words could give somebody the hope to go on. I think living in the moment does that.

  2. RG – I agree with that irony…Thank You

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