Daily Thoughts

The only light and prayer we have left is at the center of our
being, for intelligence today is surrounded by darkness…

Defining for all what the nature of light is, creates vast stretches
of ignorance – To be or not to be a candle maker is the only question.

Photo by: Michal Macku


5 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. good stuff. flick your bic, as they say.

    whoever they are, that is.

  2. veritasexnihilo

    Despairing… mostly because its so true. To be or not to be… that is the question. I just wonder if the candle makers get to be any happier in the end or wether they just see the despair in a different light.

    I took your advise, I don’t know if it works any better or worse. Tried to stay on one idea, don’t really think I suceeded. Not to say this is a permanent change but I was hoping you could tell me if it is any more comprehensive, perhaps a little easier to read or comment on?

    Good stuff your doing, I like the introduction of images.


  3. Dame – “THEY” just ran past my house…they said you were chasing them…but when I looked up the street I did not see you…so I think that “THEY” were lying again…

    veritasexnihilo – Thank you for your support and I went to your site as you know, and I left you some suggestions…when despair gets thick at my place, I stand on a table clanging a pot and I shout – more bees, bring me more bees, and of them, all that melts…

  4. renaissanceguy

    “Defining for all what the nature of light is. . .”

    Of course, if you have discovered the light, or some part of it, you can at least offer a definition of it to others. Maybe they’ll see it to.

    In fact, you’re being ironic again. In all you try to define light in your own way, as you did in your first statement here.

  5. RG – I am transparent…I admit to my uncertainties…I have no wish to do otherwise…

    I am as life is ironic and I do not pretend to have all the answers…I am willing to embrace mystery as a student who is learning…

    I have not defined what the light is for all…and I don’t think I ever will – however it might start with nurturing the spark of life within me and carrying this to a candle…and if this serves as an inspiration to others, if it is useful, then for that I will be grateful…

    Thanks for coming RG, I appreciate your comments…


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