Petals, where will one fall…next?

It never takes long for a bubble to semi silently pop – for a hurry to trade places with a worry – yesterday on a balcony overlooking a parade a child let go of her last fistful of petals, a flag was folded, and then she sighed remembering a daddy.

The first petal bruised itself on bricks and humiliations…

Smoke, and violin sound caresses – slow dancers, and heroin street lit disasters – you at a window – a human watching a theater of ghost playing at human interactions, one saying to another, “if I talk, maybe they will remember.”

The second petal fell like an angel consenting…

In your city and you as its citizen there, wants to wanna be a razor cutting pretty ribbons from the gray clothing of your grandfather’s humble beginnings and wrap with them the substantial gift of your loyalty for your lover who is dying…

The third petal whirled in a wind and a break with reality…

If you detour from the window and follow the calliope of voices into the theater street below, go visit Jimmy, your uncle death row Ben, the Morgan sisters who sold favors to men, and don’t forget the sister of your father who took the fall for all of you, so that –

The rest of the petals could fly away in the beaks of doves…


4 responses to “Petals, where will one fall…next?

  1. beautiful.

    i thought of zuzu from ‘it’s a wonderful life’…

    “paste it, daddy.”

  2. Interesting. Powerful imagery. Well done.


  3. renaissanceguy


  4. Danka Dame…

    murderofravens – Thank you, and how was todays cigar, rare and wonderful I hope…

    RG – I appreciate that…Thanks

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