ouch! – hit by concrete again…

screw poetry, who needs its silly stinking sing song
words as expansive mental time bombs, personal
reflection about memory? who has time with so
much t.v. and wars of lackluster mimicry and
dry water tears filling no lake and the dust
of memory? Oh my little ant poems sting
the smallest part of guilt in only one in
100 people, none of whom makes up
any part of a board room of screw
thugs, none of whom owns a purse string or chairs an endowment.
small words scream at the big
world of billions who are not
listening to my hellos or to
my heart screaming anti
war cry enchantments
so i take my ball back
and say stay off my
lawn i want to be
alone, perhaps
tomorrow I’ll
feel better
then i do
now but


7 responses to “ouch! – hit by concrete again…

  1. hence the creation of the hardhat.

  2. Very nice structure. Fewer and fewer words and then ends in a sound not a word. Perfect for the thought. The only choice you have is words or weapons.

  3. gingatao – thanks for your comments and your visits – oh and your well thought out observations…I choose words which are the = of well placed bombs.

    My dad use to say that talk was cheap and that is true except when it isn’t.

    I watched a lot of American westerns as a child and the editor of the frontier town newspaper seemed to have a lot of power…though it is also true they tended to get shot at quite a bit…

    Dame – I have gone through a lot of hard hats, and it is very lucky for me that I have such a hard head…


  4. your little ant poem has stung me and I will not get off your lawn and I don’t matter anyway as I have no purse strings.
    May I ask a mundane question? Was that it? How do you get the words to do that? The shape is fascinating, as is the string not quite halfway through.

  5. Muse – whatever you do don’t pull that string…Please…

    By the way was what it…?

  6. aha!
    “i stride with none…for none is worth my strife”
    s that it?!
    cool one though….

  7. ano – I guess there is a bit of that…striding alone…but not as alone as in past times…

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