Daily Thoughts

At conception an idea is just an idea and bears little resemblance to the possible life it may lead as a fully realized actuality.


4 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. Hi Poetman,
    I’d say if an idea changes it’s been changed by other ideas, other circumstances, or other people dealing with the idea.
    If I’ve got Plato right, an idea, in its fullness, would already exist before you thought of it, as an ‘ideal form’.

  2. renaissanceguy

    I’ve noticed the phenomenon you mention here, Poetman. Ideas definitely evolve.

  3. Hello Anthony,

    What do I know about Plato? …not much! Is he the one with or without the beard?

    OK, I’ll try to be serious.

    What I am postulating is:

    That an idea at its conception does not have the fullness of its theoretical eventuality – no life as it will sometime be known to have – it is not the thing it wants to be yet.

    That it is an abstraction i.e., a seed is an abstraction of a tree (but it is not a tree), a chrysalis is an abstraction of a butterfly (but it is not a butterfly), water is an abstraction of rain (but it is not rain) – and so on.

    That what an idea will eventually form itself into being will bear little resemblance in actuality to what it started as, at its conception.

    I have no real quibble with your response. It seems agreeable to me that what would change the conception of an idea would be other ideas…

    And, if what Plato is saying is – if it can be thought of, it exists already – I have no real problem with that either…except there is an ignorance, or lack of transparency of the chain of ideas that must have had to link themselves together to take an idea from its conception to its eventual fruition.


    RG – Thank You, and how is your tooth now…getting better and better everyday I hope…?

  4. Renaissance Guy

    Yes, Poetman, my mouth is improving. I still have ups and downs, but each day is more tolerable than the last.

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