Time: Tempo Has Been Beaten Already…

A rash of desert, a wave in a mirage, a slight incessant sound – I might, but don’t think I can remember, what one thing, is already another thing entirely. Is she a dancer somewhere else; a hint of perspiration on someone else’s lips?

Sparkle flash store window late night – shopping for which tap of whose shoe on what pavement – this street or the next – chameleons and geckos indifferent to snake ssss stare into star cold frigid air – my internet head, my eye TV, my ipod ear…straining.

She, he, you, or I – innocent; living out family strategies; hoping that an announcement will slip itself under a door, and tell us where an edge worth jumping over for lives…and make no mistake – a frog, a rabbit and a kid will jump at any chance to be loved.

And the souls – your soul, my soul, all souls burn energy remembering, or are trying to remember a whisper, the one before birth – what was said, by whom. How are you or I, or is any one else supposed to respond…to what we may never have ever even heard?


One response to “Time: Tempo Has Been Beaten Already…

  1. Cool bananas. Synchronicities, gotta love ’em. Ladies walking down street abound today for some reason. Cool.

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