Come out come out from where ever you are…tag your it.

When I began this blog I wondered how long it would take to get tagged with a meme…and I waited…and I waited…and then it happened, and I then wished it had not…but oh well…

museeditions has tagged me, here are the rules.

Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.

Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.

Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.

Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

museeditions wants to know about me “can he become even weirder or more random than his blog?”

What the *&%$^@^ that means I am not sure but here goes.

  1. I am an agnostic who collects crucifixes because I think the crucifixion is an incredible metaphor for a personal sacrifice done on behalf of the greatest good.
  2. I am judged to be more liberal than conservative, however I smoke cigars and I belong to a private club where I talk about almost anything – my favorite people there are deeply conservative.
  3. My profession is in the area of helping people through one aspect produced by the crisis of death. No, I am not a therapist, policeman, or a mortician.
  4. I am from L.A. county and I did not start driving until I was 35 years old. So, I guess some people do walk in L.A.
  5. I have composed hundreds of songs on the piano and forgotten how to play most of them because I do not know how to notate music. I am OK with this.
  6. Two of my favorite sayings are “It is what it is” and “It can’t be what it isn’t.”
  7. I have many collections. In my downstairs bathroom I have a collection of mask and doll heads. It took me awhile to realize the metaphorical connection…it might take you awhile too.


  1. I never learned to properly type. The writing you see here was typed with two index fingers and an occasional thumb, oh and by the way I am dyslexic.

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Come out, come out from where ever you are…


16 responses to “Come out come out from where ever you are…tag your it.

  1. I am honoured to be included in such esteemed company and I will certainly try to fulfill my obligation at some point during the week (although it will no doubt be in a ridiculously pretentious and unusually self-indulgent way.) Is a meme like chain letter? Will be there be years of bad luck if I forget? And seven people to tag, I don’t think I know seven people. Oh well, we shall see.

  2. renaissanceguy

    Thanks for tagging me at the worst possible time in my life. 🙂 I’m about to have oral surgery. I’ll try to get on it, though.

    I’m impressed about your piano compositions. There are ways nowadays to have music notated from the keyboard. Maybe you should look into it.

    I had guessed that you were dyslexic. There’s no shame in that. Obviously you have other gifts that more than make up for it.

  3. gingatao – please make it ridiculously pretentious and over the top in all the ways you may see fit…(as if you needed my permission). No do, no bad luck and no blog fun…
    Thanks for playing nice…

    RG – You can always count on me to challenge you…and now this…a tag.

    Piano for me is pure pleasure – something I don’t really stress about…I just sit down and play. It’s all improv, in fact I have never learned to play any one else’s music. Thats just the way I do it; it works for me.

    My dyslexia is fairly mild and mostly makes me laugh…


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  5. renaissanceguy

    Poetman, it was SO much fun. . .NOT. At least it will increase our stats and help us learn more about each other.

    I had a friend in college who improvised at the piano all the time. She remembered her compositions, but I don’t think she ever wrote them down. She had not been taught to play, and therefore tended to play on the black keys–which would be tricky for people who can read music, because the key signature would have lots of sharps and flats.

    My wisdom tooth extraction is tomorrow. I am using deep breathing and meditation to avoid total panic.

  6. Ya lo hiciste. Cristo murió por tus pecados. Gracias a Dios en el cielo. Prayers from a Church in L.A.

  7. “museeditions wants to know about me ‘can he become even weirder or more random than his blog?’
    What the *&%$^@^ that means I am not sure but here goes.”

    Well, perhaps I didn’t put it just right, as I was attempting to be succinct. And I am not a poet, as you are. But, what I meant was this: The meme was to share seven weird OR random facts about yourself. I already experience you–through your blog–as quite weird AND random (I could be wrong, of course). Therefore, I wondered whether the “facts” would cause me to perceive you as either more random, more weird, or more both, than I had perceived your blog (that is, your written representation of you).

    I realize that it is imaginable to judge someone weird. I’ve been called this so many times in my life, I’ve turned it into a compliment, so when I attempt to label you thus it is as such. But how does one perceive randomness in a blog? For me, it happens when I click upon your “Daily Thoughts” tab, and see they are posted other than daily. It causes me to wonder if you have no thoughts on days which you don’t post them (not likely), or if you just post the good ones (as they all are), or if either the thoughts, or the decision to post them occur randomly.

    There are other examples on your blog, which I’ll comment on if you like, but bottom line, really, is that when I saw the words “Weird OR Random” in the instructions, your blog was the first that came to mind. It all boils down to appreciation, in the end. And I’m pleased you took up the challenge. It’s fascinating to follow the meandering meme.

  8. Sorry about the shins. In the spirit of randomness, I did link to an audio of what is likely a one-time pad-encrypted message (meaning it uses random numbers for the encryption.) And it has the number seven in it! So random, I can cross off my list.

  9. I’m so jealous that you enjoy a cigar. I used to love them, but my dear wife kept snapping them in half.
    You seem to do on piano what I used to do on guitar when I was in a local rock band. We had a sort of idea of what the particular song should sound like, but it was improvisation all the way.
    My tag post is done, by the way. It didn’t hurt that much 🙂

  10. OK, I did it. I’m kind of slow.

  11. interesting responses, poetman. crosses, stogies, piano by ear — good stuff.

    doll heads scare me, though. they always look like they’re ready to come alive.

    and we all know how scary live heads are, now don’t we.

    thanks for the tag.

    i’ll tend to it after i get elevated on caffeine.

    take care.

  12. RG – Hows the toof, I mean tooth…Thanks for playing…as for piano I have studied its theory and can improvise in any key…here is a little needle of a question – Where did you learn deep breathing and meditation? 🙂

    Gallicman – are you or are you not in favor of illegal immigration?

    Meme Muse – Thank you for the clarification…oh my, now I am weired but in a good way mmmm.

    Peggynature – My shins are fine now…next time try not to kick so hard 🙂

    Anthony – Far be it from me to try to make someone envious – but did I mention my Angel actually encourages me to go to the lounge –

    Christian – Thank You My Good Man…wasn’t so bad was it? Oh the new things your readers learned about you, and still their faith in you remains unshaken…

    Dame – drink I say, drink some more and have a cup on me – where do I send $5 for a cup of joe at the fancy barrista just down the street from you?

  13. Actually it was a great hoot and I am sure this is a good way to meet new people. Thanks for including me on your list.

  14. renaissanceguy

    Poetman, my mouth has been getting better. I called the oral surgeon today because my cheeks were pretty sore and swollen. The nurse said, “Oh, the third day is often the worst.” Now they tell me! I thought that I would feel better today. I’m taking ibuprofen and not the hydrocodone that the doctor prescribed.

    Deep breathing and meditation–I used to practice yoga in my pre-Christian or semi-Christian days. I have also had therapists prescribe it. By meditation I don’t mean the mind-emptying kind but rather Christian meditation–which is meditation on God, an attribute of God, or a verse of the Bible.

  15. i brew my own, sir. i’m religious about early morn coffee time. i can’t hang with those movers ‘n shakers until i’m loaded on the stuff.

  16. I neglected to comment upon your answers in my rant of appreciation for you actually doing this meme thing.
    #2 You certainly are a contradiction. Which must lend itself to poetry. I’m imagining your liberal self in your conservative club with delight.
    #4 Driving is overrated.
    #6 “Wherever you go, there you are”.

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