Strip Poker

Inside where they talked
near a window which framed a tree
there was a bird listening while tending

The voice that started
was his and the voice that finished
was hers and one always left only to

This was repeated everyday
until finally it was the bird that flew away
never to be seen by these two

When they talked each would
blame the other for its disappearance
they never were able to agree about that

So they played cards instead…



7 responses to “Strip Poker

  1. Another thinker’s dilemma here. I don’t know whether to feel melancholy…or not.

  2. renaissanceguy

    I don’t “get” much from this poem but I like it.

    As museditions said, I can’t tell if I am happy or sad as I imagine the scene. I like that uncertainty–it’s unsettling, and it’s good to be unsettled.

  3. This to me was about not experiencing (living) what’s right in front of us or merely a window away, if only we’d venture away from our set routine and get out in the world instead of waiting for the world to pay a visit… ?


  4. thepoetryman – I would say thats almost a bingo…Thanks for your visit…


    I usually don’t explain my poetry, but because of the sparseness of this poem maybe a comment about it is warranted.

    The bird is a metaphor for love.
    The his and her are metaphors for polarity and or polarizations.
    The return is a metaphor for hope.
    The bird leaving and not returning is a metaphor for how arguing stances about love, drives love away.

    So what is the overall metaphor of the title and the last line? mmmmm


  5. renaissanceguy

    Poetman, I assume that the metaphor in the title means that the couple will strip away the things that led them to disagree and drive love away. At least I hope so.

    It seems to have many facets, and these are just on the surface:

    *They are having fun instead of fighting.
    *Playing cards is a cooperative venture in which the parties must at least agree on the rules.
    *They don’t have to talk about “issues” in order to play the game; they can just be together.
    *They are engaging in erotic behavior, which will lead to more initmacy.

    The deeper, underlying idea seems to be that being and loving are more important than thinking and opining.

  6. Wah! I don’t know…
    Poetry hurts my head. I try, I really do.
    However the imagery stays with me long after the meaning becomes clear.

  7. Muse – the answer is you don’t have to know – poems, ones that you like, are auras, tempos, and resonate metaphors…that make you remember…whatever they make you remember…and to each their own.


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