10 More Questions to Ask A Soldier…

  1. How has your commitment to the war changed over time?
  2. Have you lost anyone at home that you love?
  3. What part of your life will you now push away for ever?
  4. Is dying your biggest concern or is there something that you fear even more?
  5. Does God exist on the battlefield – if yes, whose God?
  6. Did you join the military to see the world, get an education, or because you did not know what else to do?
  7. Has your opinion about honor changed and do you feel honored?
  8. What is the one thing that you wish you had now?
  9. Do you wonder if you will fit in when you are back home?
  10. Who do you think is in charge of this war?

This post is a continuation of the 13 questions to ask a soldier I posted on Aug. 5 -07.

This post has very high traffic, according to the wordpress stats counter – it has been picked up by many search engines – and here is what is inexplicable; to date, not one person has seen fit to post a comment to it.

My question is, am I asking the wrong questions?

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13 responses to “10 More Questions to Ask A Soldier…

  1. Perhaps very few soldiers have googled it. It would presumptious (and perhaps a little disrespectful) for someone else to answer the questions or to treat the piece as a mere prompt for broader discussion. The issues you have raised are good ones and the evidence is becoming overwhelming that returned veterans are suffering greatly as a result of their experiences and that they and their families feel that not enough is being done to assist them. This should be a matter of deep shame for your country as it is a fundamental decency to provide for war veterans in every detail.

  2. gingatao – well finally a response…Thanks…I agree that it would be disrespectful for me to answer the questions – but why not have it be a prompt for broader discussions?

    By the way the shame – should be carried by the leaders who made the decisions to conduct this war in the first place – Americans are not of one mind about the Iraq war –

    Thanks gingatao…


  3. As ex-forces – although I was never in a hot war; though a son has, and will be again soon – I’ll attempt to answer those questions. The many very realistic exercises I’ve been on can give an insight, plus very personal conversations with people who’ve experienced it – conversations they’d never have with a civilian.

    1. Irrelevant. There’s a job to do.
    2. Insensitive – they’d hold you in contempt.
    3. Afterwards – war.
    4. Dying’s easy. Watching your legs blow off is something else.
    5. Every soldier believes in God when they’re in hell.
    6. Too trivial to answer.
    7. Why should feelings of honour change. Do you think I’ve done something wrong?
    8. For many, sleep.
    9. No, I’d wonder of they’d fit in with me.
    10. Fog.

  4. Thank You Anthony – for taking the time and enlightening me with you experience….

  5. renaissanceguy

    Poetman, I haven’t known how to answer.

    I have two nephews who recently did tours overseas. They would say did their jobs the best they could. They were proud to serve their country. They say that they have gotten amazing support from civilians back home. Both of them went as National Guard members but are considering careers in the regular military. They were fortunate not to have horrific experiences themselves. They haven’t really changed, except that they seem to me more noble than before.

    I have not done military service myself, so I feel I shouldn’t say too much about it, except that I am so thankful to those who have and very proud of them.

  6. It is not enough that you served with honor
    It is not enough that you died for the cause
    It is only enough that you are most willing
    To die over and over until death has no loss
    `til it finds passage through the vein of self
    Torturing you through its very pounding

    How dreaded and parched is your termination
    How outrageous and bloodied damp are theirs

    How might we know the horror of your plight
    Without looking deeper than the beggar’s eyes
    Without examining infinitely the empty corpse
    Without narrowing our glance at rib and tongue

    It is not enough that we serve a mighty tower
    It is not enough that we die at its engulfing us

    How might we know when it has come `round
    Come to collect our very bones for the sacrifice
    Will it place marks upon our shoulder, forehead

    It is not enough that you served with solid honor
    How might we know without ownership of you
    That you gave up everything of you to save her
    How might we know unable then to see the person

    It is not enough that you, sir, were willing to die
    It is not enough to lay claim to that and that alone
    It is only enough that you are one most willing
    Death to repeat within you and you evaporate
    To die again and again and again and…

  7. oh… most of those just fits only to american soldiers i think. as one did an israeli serving i could not even think to answer some of it, not because i do not want but because i woul dnot know what to say.
    i am more interested in the reason for your questions but if you like i could also try to answer them..


  8. ok these questions can be quite painful.
    Q1 its not a commitment to the war, for the freedom of are country and every thing the United States Constitution stands for.
    Q2 Dont EVER ask this one, i alone have lost 3 of my best friends to the war and it hurts to think about it.
    Q3 Thats just retared.
    Q4 the most terrifying thing would be torcherd or watch some one close die, for my own death i am not scared, its what happens to my familly.
    Q5. i personly dont believe in god, not the one to ask.
    Q6. i did it for the honor and to fallow in my grand fathers foot steps and do soming thing good for are country.
    Q7. I do feel honor and my opinion about it hasnt change.
    Q8. like anthony stated, sleep is what i wish i would have more of but it doesnt happen.
    Q9. that doesnt bother me at all becuase i come from a home full of EX-Severicemen
    Q10. Money.

    i appolgize for my spelling now, i have been in the army for just over a year, and i deploy next year around the 4th of july

  9. PV2 – Thank You for the response…

  10. i love you, soldiers. you all mean so much to me. keep doing a great job!

  11. this helped me alot when i had to write to a soilder
    thanks kali hanenberg

  12. Your a very welcome…

    Take Care

  13. I am a veteran and hosting a discussion so I thought I would look for questions others have used. I will not use any of these! As a veteran they are terrible and if I were asked these I would politely tell them to get lost. The title should be things you should never ask a veteran.

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