I am full of questions…perhaps you can answer them.

What is the sameness in you that refuses to acknowledge a practical difference in me? Are your positions not robust enough to sustain themselves in a world where my kind of difference exists?

It is clear that I was not raised in your town and it is clear that you were not raised in mine, but is it clear that we should not visit each others dwellings? When if ever, is a fence like a kiss?

Have you ever asked yourself how your difference was created in the first place – did not a stranger bring news to your town – new revelations? How is it that the message of change that the stranger brought is itself unchangeable?

When you make your wish up for humanity, is it for all of our differences to be reduced to a simple solitary understanding? Or can you exist with the complexities of my difference without resorting to emotional or physical violence.

What good and what bad results have your certainties created in your own heart? Will you be more or less able to understand a new stranger should one come? Will there be a place for a new learning within the circle of your present adherence?


8 responses to “I am full of questions…perhaps you can answer them.

  1. renaissanceguy


    “Will you be more or less able to understand a new
    stranger should one come?”

    More, I hope.

  2. Oh so many questions behind tinted shades
    Refelecting misunderstood images that come to stay
    Take the I-5 S/B 600 miles and I will see you in L.A.

  3. veritasexnihilo

    Understanding never excludes new learning, nor does certainty. The stranger is only strange when he calls himself so. A fence is only like a kiss when it is kissing. Difference is an illusion created when fabrics, of many colors, are hung over the same rusted iron framework. Complexities are human emotions getting caught in a simple spider web. Change is like an electron, you can know where it is but not how fast it is going, or you can know how fast it is going but not where it is. To even use the word humanity is to assume that there is something in common to all and a person’s dwelling is skin deep – and usually a very scary place to visit.

    I am not entirely sure if that is an answer… or just a rephrasing of the same questions.


  4. veritasexnihilo –

    Understanding and certainty does exclude at the very least other understandings and certainties…which is OK, if thats what you want.

    “The Stranger” – the way I am using it here is a metaphor that is stated from an external source…it could go either way…perhaps.

    Dwelling and indwelling are deep and resonate places where our beliefs live…nothing superficial about this…

    I very much like and appreciate your other observation and I thank you for your visit.


  5. Gallicman – you are troubled or you are a gibbering genius – you choose…I much prefer a man who ask questions to one who postulates that they have all the answers…


  6. I much prefer a man who ask questions “than” one who postulates that they have all the answers…

    Some geniuses are troubled, some don’t know they’re geniuses, but does that make them geniuses? Well I really don’t have the answer, only the questions. So, I guess I am ok.

  7. Thank you for answering my question – for your visit, and your offbeat comments… 🙂

  8. veritasexnihilo

    Poetman – Skin deep did not mean superficial in that context (or was not meant so) – sometimes it means deeper than the skin – or within the skin. Your dwelling starts where the layers of skin end. Hence skin deep. (which is why it is usually a scary place to visit) Sorry for the confusion, but I don’t want anyone believing that I in anyway mock innerward dwelling.

    We will have to talk more about understanding excluding other understandings… I can agree that is true for certainties… but understandings? Thats a sticky topic.

    tag your it… I look forward to those responses.


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