Dear Angel

…you know who you are…

I honor you, and I respect you, and I bless you, and I feel for you, and I have heard and appreciate your story – the dignity of it, and I know that a long time ago man left you bereft at a door of something not of your choosing, and I know that you still grew into a magnificent woman, a heart place, a woman of profundity – so what, you don’t think you have word power, but you do have something better than words and that is an undying loyalty to those and to that which you love and no one has or ever will take that from you, will they? and now it is dark for you – a man, another man lays dying in a bed far from the relationship the two of you once had, and I am a poet Angel, I do understand love – how it never ends for you.

…stand for yourself as you would stand for others…

It is only right that you give yourself a measure of what you would give others – what you already have given others – thinking of love and all its crazy commitments, commit yourself to you. It does rain horror when you are watching a part of the village of your heart burn and things (things) do disappear – but never your unwavering truth to be of service to love and the loving, and to that which you love – for your love is a rare one, isn’t it? You’re one of the the few who love forever and you have taught me to recognize that in you, and to wonder at the terror it causes my heart.

…there are those still standing, as imperfectly as they do, who are standing for you…

You are not alone – this is not a repeat of someone leaving you again, this not an abandonment, this is not a replay of a four year old girl already too stoic for a little girl, fashioning an iron will saying, “I will become so important to others that I will never be forgotten” – Angel, you will never be forgotten – like a flower with a lingering scent you have already permeated the memory of all those whom you have ever met – those who you have touched – and try if you can to remember, that their scent lingers for you too, and it will, always…

…do as angels do and spread your wings…for you are glorious…



6 responses to “Dear Angel

  1. this is the loveliest, poetman.

  2. This broke my heart and took my breath away…

  3. Thank You My Love

    For All that you give
    All that you understand
    All that you accept
    All that you know
    All that you are
    All of your love

    I Love You Darling………….

  4. poetman,

    ah… a romantic such as myself, bravo!

    you couldn’t hide it forever.

    peace, my friend

  5. Thank you – I am nothing if not a romantic…

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