When You Kill Me


Do not kill me silently
with a smile that says
everything is good –

With words that say,
I really love you,
of course it’s alright.

Take instead a
sledgehammer and smash
the fingers which have touched you.

Take instead
a smoldering stick, and
burn your twinkle from my eyes.

Take instead
a sharp razor – disfigure my lips;
lets never pretend kiss again.


Do not kill me subtly,
under a passive

Do not kill me subtly
beneath the mantle of your perfect

Do not kill me subtly
twisting the daisy, he loves me, he loves me


Do it at noon –
at the rush hour of creation;
while I lay beneath an old tree weeping.

Cut me from my pubis to my throat,
lift my heart into the air, chanting so everyone
can hear – this is the heart of my lover.

Today I killed him
obviously, instead of waiting for forever;
or later at night like a thief.


Then fling
the muscle that has offended you
to the crows in the park.

go live
the rest of your life…

Then know that
you have done one thing perfectly;
magnificently – honestly.


15 responses to “When You Kill Me

  1. it is wonderful,amazing and beautiful.it’s the most beautiful poem that i’ve ever read.did you really write it yourself?if yes.keep going on.you’re become a great poet in all over the world.

  2. Every woman carries a knife, always ready for an invitation like this.

  3. renaissanceguy

    Very powerful! I know what you mean.

  4. poetman, what a magnificent gift ya have, sir.

    that hurt right where it counts.


  5. Hello everyone…can anyone tell me what language lesbiangirl is speaking…click her link…I think it is in Farsi…do I speak or read Farsi…No that is not one of Poetmans many talents

    Here is her link


    I think she had this poem translated into Farsi and then published it on her site.

    My questions are did she provide a trackback or even sign it with my name…

    Anybody with any ideas…?


  6. holy crap, that’s insanity.

    it’s in lesbianese, i believe.

    not that i’d know anything about that.

    (sorry, it was either that or go with the ‘speaking in tongues’ thing, which seemed way too spoon fed.)

    i’d report her to wordpress, homeland security, the irs, the national association of lesbians against plagiarism; then have her stuff translated and sent to james frey immediately.

    the nerve!

    (betcha he’s a big hairy guy,btw)

  7. actually, come to think of it…

    it might BE james frey.

  8. dear poetman my language is farsi.and i didn’t translate your poem i just inspired by it and wrote a poem.

  9. Thank you lesbiangirl – and now I have written yet another sentence I never thought I would write…Thank you wordpress…I think….

    If you would like to send me a copy of your poem please do, to


    I’ll be back…

  10. damn, and here i was hunting through elmer fudd translating generators. no wonder it didn’t jive.

  11. sorry, i’m so intrigued by this now. i’m trying to figure out this crappy broken translation, but thus far i’m getting ‘wood scorched’ , ‘razor sharp’, ‘time noon’ (something or other) and something about counterfeit.

    yep, looks like a copy cat to me.

    (i lold)

  12. lesbiangirl – Thank you for the clarification and your heartfelt compliment….as for being famous – that would be nice…

    Dame – You crack me up, lesbianese indeed. Thanks for trying to help figure this out, your naming of possible suspects and your all around Dame-ness…

    Funny isn’t it with a country that America is so polarized against that there is no Babblefish translator for Farsi – when we can’t understand what a people are saying in their own language it makes it damn difficult to expect that we will understand them when they use ours.


  13. I can definitely relate to the sentiment in this one, specially the very last word “honestly”. I wish I had written this and I’m so happy I got to read it. Love the bluntness, the prolificness of physically-ripping imagery, which reflects a state of heart. Beautiful, you have real talent.

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