there was a trip I was planning…

So I hopped a train and arrived at the edge of a tension I’d been
having about something I previously would not explore.

In an ad I found in a coffee shop strew of newspapers, I found
one from someone else looking for you. Imagine…

I held a cup in one hand and did a pantomime interview with
the other – I could not answer the cups caffeinated questions.

I talked on and on, and then to anyone, and then to you, but you
were tied to the hospital bed of someone else’s expiration.

Now, a wall in my lung wants to be removed like an obstacle, so
that I can connect with the breath inside and around you.

Bang me baby, bang me good, then peacefully tell me your story
about a once upon a time man for whom you wept with sorrow.

And then and then and then I am downtown looking smart again,
agile even, an interpretation of someone who is working it all out.

And all of the above will have been worth the effort when in fact
I do find you traveling by train – today, tomorrow, or anytime…


5 responses to “there was a trip I was planning…

  1. Unique, as all poetry should be.

  2. ah, i like this berdy much, sir.

  3. hello poetman,

    a good read indeed… thanks for keeping an I out for me.


  4. renaissanceguy

    Terrific. Wistful.

  5. kevinolsen – “unique’ Now that’s a compliment…

    Dame in the house – thats nice and thank you…

    Chrisfiore . Thank you…and dear readers This man ic tearing it up…with some nice writing

    RG – I know when you are kidding…and you are not kidding now…and you weren’t kidding then…thanks for coming…your eyes and heart have a true love for poetry…even when it is in or out of your experience, and that my friend is a rare quality.


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