A worthy fish swimming from a cave pond

At least he is trying to evolve how about you…?

His site can be found at No cure for that.


4 responses to “A worthy fish swimming from a cave pond

  1. i’m totally addicted to this guy.

    i wish he’d run for something, so i could vote for him.

  2. Dame I don’t’ think he would win – but you could and then you could appoint him to something – perhaps your version of a truth commission…

    And in that way I could win too – what do you think…?

    Oh and by the way, I have been meaning to talk with you about ahem…those addictions…read the bottle Dame and take only as prescribed – too much truth leads to hallucinations…and you don’t want that do you…to see things that aren’t there? 🙂

  3. oh my, you really wouldn’t ever consider me the type to compromise what’s left of my tattered, chiseled soul by means of political endeavors, would you? i’m hardly civil, by any means. if anything, i’m one of those lame-o, lethargic prisoners of conscience…

    that drinks too much cheap italian table wine (my personal governor of choice) and babbles on like some transcendentalist a’hole lost in her own backyard.

    hah, i’m far, far too delusional and dismissive to ever overdose on truth, sir. tried it once — took forever to resuscitate, and not so much as a single entertaining hallucination! duped again!

    always a pleasure. 🙂

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