Thank You

I began this blog like so many of you, because I wanted something of my creativity to be known by others…and now it is known by others.

I noticed almost from the beginning of posting here – that of all the blogs here on WordPress, poetry blogs are somewhere near the bottom of the list of what people find entertaining.

So I began to post my thoughts about many other things. The form of what I hope is my style of critical thinking.

There seems to be at least 5 kinds of pleasure here –

  1. The creative process
  2. Feedback
  3. Stats
  4. Community
  5. A sharpening of my focus.

How nice to find these…and yet I yearn to be more substantial – to see my words on paper…

Some stats:

  1. Total Views: 5,166
  2. Best Day Ever: 156
  3. Posts: 136
  4. Comments: 492

Not bad for a 3 month old poetry site!

Of course my site will never de-fur a certain inexplicably popular cat…but there are worse things…I can live with that.

I have written poetry most of my life. I have never been published and I am entirely self taught – I am in poetry, as in all of my education, an autodidact. Though I left school at the end of my 9th year I have never ceased learning, and I hope I never will.



9 responses to “Thank You

  1. not too shabby, sir.

    self-taught, and damn if the self aint the meanest teacher ever!

    (ms. crabtree kicked my ass)

    congrats on graduating top of the class…

    and for teaching the rest of us so much.

    i’m so glad you’re here.

    published. big time.

  2. D.A.M.E = ? Go ahead make up a positive acronym for your self – I dare you.

    I wonder how much you know about how much you have taught others – about your influencing…about your honesty, and what seems to tie these all together richly – your humor…

    We each do what we do with what we have…if we are lucky…


  3. I second madame’s thoughts. Even looking back to the beginning of your blog one can see a progression, a tightening of focus and control over the language. Now if we can just get your mind off the numbers,

  4. Congrats. The creative aspect is always the most vital, but those numbers are important, too.
    To me, writing is only complete with a creative process that is shared with others. To write is to communicate, and without an audience, is a writer totally doing the job?
    Here’s to your creativity, and the power of communication.

  5. renaissanceguy

    I echo much of what you wrote, particularly about your motivation.

    You have one of the best poetry blogs I’ve seen. I enjoy your poems immensely. The poems often convey ideas that I disagree with, but that doesn’t prevent my admiring them. I have always been able to separate the art from the subject matter, and your work is very artful.

    You know that I don’t agree with many of your “thoughts,” but I am mentally stimulated and challenged by reading them. And, although our worldviews are strikingly different, I find myself largely in agreement. I am trying to pin you down, and I think you purposely resist being pinned. That’s fine, too.

    You really do brighten my days.

  6. Gingatao – Thanks for noting the progression…for me it is a daily challenge…but those numbers must mean something, or why would they have them? 🙂

    Anthony – Thanks for coming – and my way of stating your excellent point is to say – Art doesn’t exist unless an artist can find away for it to be interacted with – and the numbers are a way of tracking this…well sorta…

    RG – Thank you for your kind words about my site – tis a labor of love. What I write is meant to be gently confrontational (sometimes not so gentle)…oh well.

    I am a thinker RG. I am a poet. That kinda means that I watch metaphors crash into each other, noticing their strange arcs and impacts…and then I am like any bone digger or archaeologist examining the pieces many years later – wondering, mmmm – what ever were these used for?

    What is a pin and to what would you have me pinned too…the mat of what assumption?


  7. what do you mean “one of the best …geesh, whats a poet gotta do…

  8. Congratulations, and good job. Poetry is pretty much a thankless job — if you’re only talking thanks from the public/world at large. People only write it, for the most part, in these times, because it is inherently rewarding. Maybe that helps keep it sincere.

    My writing background is similar…never published, never went to school for it, etc. This doesn’t bother me much except when it bothers other people. I’ve actually had people turn around and walk away from me, mid-sentence, when I said I didn’t have an English degree. That kind of behaviour boggles me. Maybe someday I’ll be smart enough not to worry about it.

  9. Thanks CB…I think you are good…and I am sure you will get better…

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